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Comparing Traditional vs. Modern Spray Tank Technologies: Pros and Cons

by Yash Garg 09 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Comparing Traditional vs. Modern Spray Tank Technologies: Pros and Cons

Traditional garden spraying (siphon/gravity/pressure feed) is the oldest method, developed in the 1920s by the growth of the agricultural industries.

The method you use to spray your plants is very important to get good coverage. It must be designed according to the type of equipment used. Using a hand-held spray gun, the movement across the leaves will allow the water to penetrate the soil and reach the underside of the leaves.


Traditional Spray claims two main advantages over other methods, such as the following-


Management is a manageable process. A sprinkler operator, when properly trained, can handle spray patterns from fine spots to large production spray patterns. 

The compliant technology is often referred to as LVMP (Low Volume, Medium Pressure) and is designed to meet European standards. As required, the air pressure cannot exceed 29 psi at the air inlet. This achieves an air cap design that provides superior quality and achieves transfer efficiency equal to or better than HVLP.


Versatility degree of atomization can also be controlled. This system provides the highest degree of atomization available in agriculture. This method gives the operator the ability to spread the largest amount of material. It is also the easiest system to handle and maintain. The simple fact that the system has been around for a long time has led to the availability of a large number of tools, as well as a great deal of knowledge about the garden.

There are various irrigation technologies and Modern spray tank systems for completing the finishing process. When you choose the right technology, you should consider the quality of the desired end, transfer efficiency, the speed of the application, the type of color used, and the type and appearance of the material.


On the other hand, Traditional spraying is usually seen with a low level of transfer efficiency. Often, more is lost than gained. This situation is exacerbated by systems that are overworked and inefficient. Blowing air also consumes large amounts of compressed air (7 to 35 cfm at 100 psi).

Modern Technology-

Modern Spray Tank Technology

The Modern method of pneumatic injection technology offers the highest quality of finish and production speed. To get these benefits, a large amount of air is used, making it low transfer. The result is a lower speed standard with better finishing quality and higher than-normal transfer efficiency.



Modern Technology air spray uses a High-pressure liquid mixed with compressed air in an air cap to break down the material in a controlled manner. It is used for the application of High and medium-viscosity liquids for products that require high quality, Class A, or cosmetics. Due to changes in environmental regulations, different types of pneumatic irrigation technology have been developed.

Electrostatic sprayers charge different materials as they pass or contact the electrode to achieve high transfer performance. The material is electrically charged when it passes through the electrostatic field created between the electrode on the front of the gun and the ground material. The charged elements of the object are attracted to the ground (neutral) and form a uniform coating. The load will cover the object, increasing the surface area. Because of this coating effect, electrostatic sprayers are ideal for coating tubular products.

Easy to use: 

The water tank is easy to use and can quickly fill the water needed for cleaning or gardening. It is also quick to install and does not take long to install the pipes and parts necessary to make it work. This makes it the best choice for lawn and garden sprinkler systems.

Electrostatic spraying by rotary atomization, or centrifugal spraying, is another type of pneumatic spraying. It uses an electrode charging bell that rotates at a high rotational speed, so this paint maintains centrifugal force. The paint travels to the top of the glass and when it reaches the rim, high centrifugal forces break it up into a fine cloud of liquid particles. 


Bad design-

There is no safety valve or shut-off that stops the flow when the pipe is full, which means you have to manually close the system. It can also inject chemicals into the air, especially if the spray pressure is low and there is no flow. Another downside is that it can only handle one gallon at a time. If you have more than two gallons, you will need another two-gallon tank. 


Power tools are designed to be tough and pressure washers are no different. Some of them are made to be durable and very durable. And on the other hand, some are lighter and less heavy. You need to find a balance between durability and portability.


While many people prefer durability over style, others just want something beautiful. Plastics are used in air conditioning and although they can rust easily, they are durable and last for many years. Things will break down over time, but they can be managed. You should check the durability of the socks before you buy them.

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