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How to properly store seeds for long-term use

by Yash Garg 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

If you enjoy planting and gardening, you should always consider the input farmers use in their operations. Although there are numerous ways to plant a sapling in your garden, the majority of people choose to buy a seed from the market and plant it in their personal gardens. Even farmers prefer to buy seeds and cultivate their own harvests.
Almost all varieties of seeds, whether for plants, crops, flowers, fruits, etc., are readily available on the market. Websites like superbkishan provide a variety of seeds, including better-quality flower, vegetable, and fruit seeds that are trusted by many farmers and backyard gardeners.
Purchasing packaged seeds is one of the greatest ways to start a plantation because they are well-treated and then stored for consumers for more successful and efficient farming.
All plant lovers find growing their own plants to be really fascinating. You may even try saving fruit seeds in order to grow them in your garden. It makes you feel relieved to see the plant you planted on your balcony grow. There is always a chance that insects will attack it, and due to factors like moisture and humidity, it may also develop germs and fungi. The life of seeds is influenced by a number variables, including temperature, moisture, light, pests, and others. It is usually advisable to keep all the elements in mind to keep the seeds safe for a long period.  

Here’s a way to store your seed properly for a long term use –
You can secure your seeds properly by taking care of various factors which affect the seeds-

  • Keep them away from moisture –
The outer seed wall of seed gets softer easily when kept in excess moisture causing it to get molded easily as the seed slits up. It cause the contamination of seeds, fast decay and reduced viability. Proper maintained moisture level is important to keep the seed in better quality and successful plantation .
  • Temperature –
It is preferred to keep the seeds below a temperature level of 60 degrees to prevent its premature germination, keeping the seeds at higher temperature will cause the seeds to degrade quickly .
Try to keep your seeds at places like – freezer ,basement closet where the temperature is not much higher to prevent the decay. It better to keep the seeds in small amount in the freezer as they can’t be kept their again after taking it out .
  • Light –
Keeping the seeds in light for a long time can cause them to germinate and sprout because they are feeded by the sunlight, try to keep them away from light to decrease their decay timing.
  • Keep seeds in opaque containers –
Storing seed in an opaque conatiners limits the time of light exposure which is necessary to keep them for a long time ,you can also go for zip locks and dark jars to keep the seeds in it and place them at dark areas .
  • Make sure to secure the seeds at better place to avoid pests and rodents -
Try to keep pests away from them because they destroy seeds and reduce a seed's likelihood of germination once they have been impacted by an insect. Pests like the beetles, mice, moths, etc frequently attack the seeds.It is preferable to store the seeds in sturdy, airtight containers because rodents like mice enjoy to chew on the packages of the seeds. Bugs can be kept out of seed packets and containers by keeping oxygen absorbers inside them.
  • Add desiccant packs inside the containers:

Desiccant packs, such silica gels, absorb moisture from the containers, keeping them dry and secure for the seeds. Keep seeds in cool, dry, and dark places to extend their life. The seed is kept more protected from moisture, humidity, pests, and rodents in cold, dry, and dark environments. When using cold storage, be sure to bring the seed up to room temperature before opening it since they may absorb condensation that could harm the seed's quality and effectiveness.

  • Store seeds in survival seed kits -

Keeping seeds in survival seed kits is a fantastic approach to extend the life of seeds. Seed survival kits are readily accessible in the market to keep seeds safe for an extended period of time. Long-term seed storage has a number of advantages, including the security of crops, increased crop supply, preservation of plant genetic variety, and more.

Using a variety of techniques and implementing these safety measures can help to keep the seeds safe for a long time. If you want to grow fruits, flowers, and other plants, you should definitely check out the website of superbkishan to pick out the one that is among your favourites. There are many different sorts of seeds accessible there. Farmers can purchase a wide variety of agricultural seeds from websites that are packaged and kept appropriately for planting. 

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