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Solar Lights vs. Traditional Garden Lighting: Pros and Cons

by Yash Garg 03 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Solar Lights vs. Traditional Garden Lighting: Pros and Cons

This blog will help us figure out the differences between solar lighting and traditional garden lighting and the associated pros and cons to help you decide which option is best for your project.    

Solar garden lighting- 

Garden Solar Lights

Solar garden lighting uses the sun's energy to generate electricity. This is done using solar panels and a combination of batteries and systems that absorb solar light and store it as energy. 

Solar lighting is the collection of solar energy from the sun, the heat causes the negatively charged electrons to shift, pushing them toward the positive layers of the cell. This process generates electricity, which is transferred to a cable for storage in the battery. When the sun sets, the photoresistor registers the absence of light and causes it to glow. 


  • Advantages:

Solar lights are easy to install and allow you to install the lights anywhere they can be charged. 

  • Environmentally friendly:

Since energy comes from the sun, solar lights are a popular choice for environmentally conscious people.

  • Low costs:

Renewable energies from the sun are free. No indoor air pollution.


  • Lack of control over light color:

Solar lights only produce a monochrome option, with no ability to adjust light output. 

  • Short burn time on cloudy days:

Without sunlight, solar lights do not receive enough light to fill them when it is dark. The battery can be replaced frequently - depending on the quality of the product, the battery that stores the electricity generated may lose all of its capacity. 

  • Poor Quality and Durability:

Since solar lights are marketed as “cheap”; Solutions often lack quality, durability, and reliability. Not as bright as the electric model, the selection of electronic options is rather unclear. 

Traditional Garden Lighting-

Traditional Garden Lighting-

A traditional garden lamp works like a normal lamp, except that it uses electricity. Typically, normal lighting requires 120V (volts) to operate, while low voltage requires only 12V. This is achieved by converting standard 120V to 12V using an inverter. The Low Voltage is low and is often preferred by homeowners over 120V for added safety and ease of installation. Since only 12V is used for each operation, no installation instructions are included that would require the intervention of a professional. This makes the entire project financially interesting and at the same time promotes the DIY market. 


Good selection of high-quality, long-lasting lighting fixtures - The entire lighting market is growing, with more options and high-quality products. 

  • Extended Lifespan:

a very robust, solid state device with no chance of breaking because there is no glass. Nothing to wear out.

  • Weather independent:

​Constant current. This means that these lights work reliably regardless of the weather conditions.

  • Brighter lighting options for more flexibility:

Hardwired systems give users the flexibility to adjust lighting levels. No matter whether you want strong illumination of the desired area or soft moonlight in your room. 

  • Automatic Light Sensor:

While solar lights can detect darkness and turn on automatically, low beam lights have a similar ability. Thanks to the power of the motion sensor, the low voltage solution can be turned on at any time without touching anything.


As a productive, dependable, and practical warming arrangement, many will battle to track down the ground in a minimal expense warming framework. Nonetheless, there is one viewpoint that can be considered as an impediment: input. Introducing a low-voltage customary light framework isn't quite so natural as sun-based power.

Even though it's not difficult to do it without anyone else's help, little lighting includes the utilization of a transformer, connectors, and links, which can scare from the start.


  • Establishment:

Sun oriented lights are typically simple to introduce and require no wiring. Then again, traditional lighting apparatuses frequently require proficient establishment because of perplexing wiring.

Solar lights are more energy efficient, less maintenance required, and are environment friendly lights while traditional lights require specific community needs and installation is also comparatively tough.

Traditional lights provide a huge variety of objects and spread brighter lights but are more expensive.

Upkeep Solar light powered chargers ordinarily require little support, and the fundamental assignment is to keep the solar light-based chargers clean. Notwithstanding, customary lights frequently require bulb substitution and may require electrical fixes.  

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In this article, we have revealed a few insights into the universe of sun based and customary lighting, featuring their one-of-a-kind elements, advantages, and contemplations. We, SuperbKishan, talk about their applications and how to pick the most ideal choice for your outside lighting needs.

At the point when sun-oriented lights are contrasted with traditional lights, obviously each enjoys its benefits. Your decision ought to be founded on your necessities, your inclinations, and the particular states of your property. Think about cost, establishment, execution, support, and natural effect. As effective shoppers, we should offset our necessities with the soundness of our planet.

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