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10 plants beginners can grow from seeds

by Yash Garg 22 Aug 2023 0 Comments

10 Plants Beginners can grow from seeds

Growing your own plants is not only a fulfilling way to make you happy, but the thrill of watching your seed bloom adds an extra degree of relief and enjoyment to your life. 

If you are a beginner and wish to start growing your own plants in your garden or yard, you can begin with these few plants from seeds, including flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and reap a variety of benefits, including health benefits, a beautiful garden, plant aroma, and many others.

How to plant a garden ?

How to plant a Garden?

To start growing plant in your garden ,you need to consider few things such as

  1. Choose a sunny location.
  2. Make the soil well-drained.
  3. Make space for your plants according to their requirements.
  4. Choose your seeds.
  5. Garden area with basic supplies.
  6. Add fertilizers in your soil.
  7. Plant the seeds well.
  8. Keep the soil hydrated.
  9. Pull out the weeds weekly.
  10. Wait until your plant blooms .

These are the top 10 plants which you can grow from seeds-

  • Antirrhinum Flower -

Antirrhinum is a flowering plant that is high in nutrients and works well as an anti-inflammatory.They are also known as flamingo flowers because of their attractive shape and mesmerizing red, green, and white colours. They can produce flowers continuously for a long period of time, making them lovely interior plants all year. In lovely colours of pink or yellow, these small dragon-like flowers grow in a dense swirl around a long flowering stem.

  • Salvia Blue -

The seeds of Salvia Blue Flower are also known as Salvia farinacea or Mealy Cup Sage. Salvia flower seeds create a beautiful blue flowerwhich has the ability to complement any garden. It takes 1 to 3 weeks for the germination of this flower.It requires a sunny climate to grow properly, however during the spring seasons, these seeds can be planted inside the house.These are a wide collection of plants with colourful blooms, mild fragrance, and even flavours. Most salvia plants are drought-tolerant, blossom profusely, and look stunning in the yard.

  • Calendula Flower -

Calendula flower seeds are popular annuals valued for their colourful flowers and other benefits.This fast-growing, herb is so simple to grow that a single planting can produce flowers and seeds for years. It's a hardy annual that self-seeds without becoming invasive or taking over other plants in your garden.Calendula flower seeds germinate quickly in well-cultivated soil with a proper sunlight.

  • Celery-

The seeds of celery are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. Both ingredients are extremely good to one's health.Garden-grown celery is fresher, tastes better, and has less chemicals than store-bought celery. Celery seeds are best harvested in the summer and during the autumn season. They can easily be grown in a pot.

  • Red Math -

Red Amaranthus seeds come from the leafy vegetable Red Amarnath. Red amaranth, often known as Lal Chaulai, is a high-nutritional-value green vegetable that is ideal for kitchen gardening. Its key characteristics include rapid growth, quick rejuvenation after harvesting, and great output in a very short period of time.These seeds are tiny and spherical, with a reddish brown tint. It has a twisted flavour that adds a lot of falovors to your foods.

  • Lettuce Iceberg -

Iceberg lettuce is a popular type of lattice with a crisp texture and mild flavour. For thousands of years, the lush crisp green has been prevalent in salads and even herbal medicine. Iceberg varieties are a more modern breeding invention from the 1920s that have been regularly enhanced by local garden seed firms over the last few decades. It has a modest nutritional value, although it is high in vitamin A and K.

  • Sweet William Flower -

Sweet William is a continually recurring flower with an attractive shape and mild fragrant.These flowers are ideal for the hardeners looking to build a nice fragrant and rich garden. These flowers are easy to cultivate, has lovely flowers, and smells great.  Its seeds are tiny and black, resembling little pebbles. It only requires a thin layer of soil and a steady supply of moisture for their germination.

  • Candytuft Flower -

The candytuft flower is a beautiful flowering plant known for its unusual appearance and texture.Candytuft has small of leathery green leave,and it illuminates gardens for several weeks in the late spring and early summer with numerous white or pink flowers. The colour of the blooms stands out attractively against the dark green foliage, making these plants suitable for moon gardens.

These simple-to-grow seeds are planted immediately into well-draining soil with sufficient sunlight.

  • Aster Mix Flower -

Aster Mix flower seeds are a long-lasting plant option for your garden that adds a colourful and beautiful touch to both your gardening experience and its appearance.These plants are also low-maintenance and produce a large number of flowers with less effort. The blossoms range in colour from light blue and purples to a, sparkling crimson. They also attract a diverse range of pollinators and are well-liked by bees when the other flowers in your garden fade. Bees and butterflies visiting these flower seeds might help pollinate your garden.

  • Tomato -

Cherry tomatoes are little globular tomatoes that grow on a stem similar to grapes and provide a bite of taste to salads, spaghetti, or salsa. Tomato are popular among gardeners worldwide. These leafy annuals produce juicy, tasty fruits in a variety of colours including red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown, and green. Tomatoes should be planted in late spring or early summer, when all danger of frost has passed. Tomatoes can be harvested 42 to 110 days after germination, depending on the cultivar.

They are a grower's delight because they are high in antioxidants and nutrients. They are quite simple to grow and, aside from eating wonderful, offer a nice splash of colour to your yard!

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