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Best Practices for Planting Seeds: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

by Yash Garg 23 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Best Practices for Planting Seeds: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Planting your garden according to your Wishlist of plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits seems joyous to everyone.

Growing plants from seeds allows you to have more control over your plants .You can choose from a wide range of seeds from ranging from flower,vegetable to fruits, adding the necessary fertilizers, tools and equipment from their website, it's like a happy gardening kit from superbkishan so you don't have to worry about roaming around for your other gardening tools and fertilisers. Shop at superbkishan to begins your small garden adventure while keeping the following mistakes in mind and avoiding them to produce healthy plants.

Mistakes to avoid while planting seeds –

Mistakes to avoid while planting seeds

  1. Overwatering
  2. Letting soil dry out between waterings.
  3. Less watering
  4. Less light exposure
  5. Excess fertilization
  6. Planting of old seeds
  7. Wrong depth sowing of seeds
  8. Impatience
  9. Absence of drainage holes
  10. Improper seedling before transplanting it outdoors
  • Overwatering –  

Overwatering of plants cause problems like root rot, wilting, yellowing of leaves, fungus gnats etc which can result in plant death .

How to avoid -Water seeds and seedlings just when they require it, such as when the top of the soil begins to dry out.

  • Letting soil dry out between waterings -

This is especially critical during the germination stage because little seeds cannot carry enough water on their own to survive and will not revive if they have already begun the germination process. Seedlings should not be allowed to entirely dry out.

How to avoid – Sprinkle water on the soil well,Seedlings should not be allowed to entirely dry out.

  • Less watering

When youwater the plants but don't provide enough for them to thrive. This can result in dry leaves, weakening, and death.

How to avoid –Look for water requirements in your plants, which can differ from one plant to the next, and water them accordingly. Analyse the results and adjust the water level as needed.

  • Less exposure to light-

Less light exposure leads the growth of seed long, thin stems that cannot support the plant's long-term growth. If the light exposure fails to be addressed promptly enough, they will frequently collapse or die.

How to avoid -The easiest approach to avoid this issue is to prepare ahead of time with a decent seedling light setup. If you've already planted your seeds and they're looking leggy, you may generally rectify the problem by placing them under proper lighting.

  • Excess Fertilization –

Too much fertilizers during the seeding can stymie seed germination it leads to soil harm, crops burns, excess nutrients inside the soil which may damage your seeds.

How to avoid - It is recommended to undertake a soil test before adding any type of fertiliser to your soil to determine its correct requirements. Begin with a small amount of fertiliser and add more later on.

  • Planting of old seeds-

Old seeds frequently have long germination durations and low germination rates. Old loose seeds may have been infected and contaminated by pests and insects, resulting in the absence of seedlings.

How to avoid –It is recommended to get new packaged seeds from reliable sellers such as, which guarantees the germination days in their packet along with adequate instructions. They are easy to store as well.

  • Wrong depth sowing of seeds-

Check the seed packet for the recommended planting depth.Some plants require light to germinate and must be planted at the surface of the soil, while others prefer to be buried deeper.

How to avoid – Follow the thumb rule for seeding, smaller the seed closer to the surface it should be sown and vice versa for bigger sized seeds.

  • Impatience –

Different varieties of seeds have varying germination rates, some require a few days for germination while others require a week or more. Don't be impatient and start adding fertilisers or excess water for a quick result.

How to avoid - Carefully read the germination rate on the packet and wait for the results.

  • Absence of drainage holes-

Plants can easily become waterlogged if there is too much water on the bottom of a seed tray with no holes ,excess of water at the bottom results in the spoilage of roots leading to damage the plant.

How to avoid- Always choose pots with drainage holes at the bottom, and place a tray undernearth to capture any excess water.

  • Not preparing seeds before transplanting it outdoors –

Indoor plants that are not prepared well before when placed outside after being cultivated indoors can wilt, break, and die.

How to avoid - This is accomplished by subjecting them to a hardening off process. This takes around two weeks and should be completed immediately before planting the seedlings outside.

Seeds are just like babies whorequire some care and love for optimal growth and development in order to supply you with various benefits such as a healthy garden, aroma, natural plants, and hands in soils to make you feel affectionate towards your gardening trip.

You can begin gardening from scratch, and will assist you at every stage by supplying you with all of the needs for your garden as well as plants.

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