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Top 10 Affordable Agriculture Equipment’s in India

by Yash Garg 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments
Agriculture and India are related with each together from centuries whether it is historical significance, economical contributions, food security etc.
The affection for home decor plants, gardening, kitchen garden, balcony plants, etc we all love to keep  of them, all the plant aficionado, farmer who are aware about the care which require while keeping these must be knowing how much it takes from our side to get the best result same goes for the farmers they have to offer a lot of inputs to get the better agricultural results.
When we didn't have any equipment to do agriculture, it was difficult, but now that we have a lot of agricultural equipment to use for agriculture, we should just examine and grab the one to make our output more effective and to give input in a better and easier method.
There are numerous agricultural equipment’s accessible on the market, so let's have a look at the top 10 most affordable agricultural equipment in India
  • Spray Pumps –
Spray pumps are one of the crucial equipment for keeping our crops healthy and free of insects. They are inexpensive and easily available on websites like, which offers a variety of sizes to meet different farming scales and needs. 
They are used to spray crops with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilisers, and other agrochemicals. They contribute to pest and disease control.
  • Sprinklers -
Agriculture sprinklers are irrigation systems that are used to irrigate agricultural fields in a more efficient and controlled manner, ensuring optimal crop hydration. They are also effective in places with insufficient rainfall or erratic water availability. Sprinkler increases agricultural productivity and quality by providing adequate water to the crops.
They benefit us in a variety of ways, including reduced soil erosion, sustainable agriculture, increased growth and nutrient uptake, improved crop yield and quality, and so on.
  • Thresher -
Farmers that specialise in wheat and rice farming should invest in a thresher that is specifically developed for threshing wheat and rice.They separate grain from harvested rice and wheat plants, removing the edible part of thegrains.They are used to improve efficiency and decrease post-harvest labour.
  • Tractor Attachments -
Tractor attachments are necessary equipment since they provide numerous attachment tools such as a disc harrow, cultivators, seeders, etc. Using tractor accessories improves the capabilities of the tractors, increasing total output in various agricultural jobs.
  • Seeders and Planters -
Seeders and planters are agricultural machines used to sow various types of seeds in the farms .They ensure that seeds are properly planted accurately according to proper space and depth, both of which are necessary for a better germination and plant growth.
  • Balers -
A baler is a piece of agricultural machinery used in farms to crush raked products like hay, cotton, silage, etc. into small bales that are simple to handle, transport, and store.
  • Plough -
A plough is an agricultural equipment used to cut the soil to make the soil suitable for seeding .It comprises of as beam ,chisel ,mouldboard ,hitch etc
There are few types of plough such as –
  1. Mould Board Plough
  2. Disc Type Plough
  3. Rotary Plough
  4. Chisel or sub surface Plough
  5. Sub Soiler Plough
  • Harrow –
A harrow is an agricultural equipment which is used for breaking up clouds and provide a soil structure , harrowing is done after ploughing .
There are few types of harrows –
  1. Disc Harrow
  2. Spike tooth harrow
  3. Spring tooth harrow
  4. Triangular Harrow
  5. Zig-Zag harrow ,etc
  • Fertilizer Spreaders –
Fertilizers are used to spread fertilizers ,seeds and ither materials over the field. They have adjustable opening which makes it easier to control the amount of rate of flow of fertilizers from them .
They are of two types –
  1. Drop Spreaders
  2. Rotatory spreaders
  • Transplanters -
A transplanter is  farm equipment used to move seedlings onto the field. Compared to hand transplanting, transplanters significantly minimise the amount of time needed to transplant seedlings. Strawberries, vegetables, tomatoes, cabbages, tobacco, and rice are a few of the crops that are transplanted with transplanters.
One popular variety is a semi-automatic mechanical transplanter, which can be either self-propelled or slowly pulled by a tractor. Seedlings from germination trays are fed into hoppers, which feed into the delivery mechanism, by a row of three to six operators.
All of these agricultural equipment are vital necessities that are now necessary for modern farming practises.It has a considerable impact on the efficiency, productivity, and long-term viability of agricultural enterprises.The significance of these numerous agricultural gadgets is multidimensional, including many elements of farming and production.   
superbkishan, website for buying seeds, garden tools, solar lights, and fertilizers.
Agricultural equipment aids in the optimisation and revolutionization of various operations, conserves resources, aids in the enhancement of yields, and supports sustainable practises.These tools assist farmers in overcoming numerous obstacles, improving and contributing to the global food supply chain.The proper usage and acceptance of new agricultural equipment is critical for agriculture's continuous development and sustainability.
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