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A Guide to Choosing the Right Beetroot Seeds

by Yash Garg 17 Aug 2023 0 Comments

We treat our plants as if they were our loved ones, feeding them the right fertilisers, watering them, and providing them with a suitable location where they can receive the necessary sunlight, temperatures, oxygen etc . All the fruits and vegetables has their own health benefits and growing conditions .

One such vegetable is beetroot, which has many health benefits such as increasing haemoglobin, boosting brain function, and they are a good source of vitamin C, folate, betaine, nitric oxide, etc. Buying beetroots from the market is quite expensive, but you have the option of growing beetroot in your garden. 

Growing beetroot is an easy and gratifying procedure whether you are a seasoned gardener or a newbie. With the proper preparation and care, you can enjoy a plentiful harvest of tasty, nutritious beetroot. In this article, we will walk you through the process of selecting the best beetroot seed to get the best outcomes.

  • What is Beetroot ?

Beetroot is a taproot vegetable which has numerous health benefits and it is frequently referred as a functional food. It is grown in numerous countries throughout the world and  a staple diet in many communities . They are typically reddish-purple in colourand  frequently eaten fresh in salads or cooked in soups .

The scientific name of Beetroot is Beta vulgaris .

It comprises of different phytochemicals like flavonoids, phenolics, betacyanin, betanin, and betanidinedue to the presence of these phytochemicals it has various potential properties such as antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory properties etc .

There are majorly four types of beetroots:

  1. Red beet
  2. Table beet
  3. Green beet
  4. Golden beet.

    How to choose the right beetroot seeds for your Garden ?

      Some beetroot types are better adapted to certain growth seasons than others. Select a variety that is appropriate for your region and the time of year you intend to cultivate them. Choose the seed from a website like superbkishan, which has a good reputation for seed quality and helps to yield optimum production.

      You must take into account some factors while selecting the best beetroot seeds to ensure the greatest outcomes. 

      These are few factors to consider to get the best results- 

      1. Prepare the soil – For a better growth and development of the plants add the required amendments to adjust the PH level and remove weeds from the soil.
      2. Water the plant regularly – Plants need water to survive, regular watering of plants will keep the plants healthy and help them for photosynthesis, the process in which plants convert sunlight into food.
      3. Fertilize the plant – Nutrients are essential for growth of the plant; fertilizers are the substance which are added to the soil to provide plants with the nutrients they need.
      4. Protect the plant from disease and pest by using neem oils, insecticidal soap, diatomaceous earthor other available pesticides.
      5. Plant your seeds in the right location – seeding the plant in right direction is important for proper sun exposure, temperature air circulations and other factors which helps the plants for proper growth and development.

      These are few factors to consider while buying beetroot seeds

      1. Buy from a reputable seller.
      2. Buy packed seeds .
      3. Read the seed packet carefully .
      4. Start with a small amount of seeds.
        • Buy from a reputable seller –

        Purchasing seeds from reliable sellers who offers high quality products , such as superbkishan, where you can acquire a wide variety of fruits,vegetables and plant seed for your yard and gardens.

        • Buy packed seeds –

        Purchasing packed seeds are more beneficial asthese packed seeds are of higher quality and ensure that they are viable and germinate properly, unlike loose seeds, which may have been inadequately stored and may have been infected by pests and diseases.

        Packed seeds such as beetroot seed from superb kishan ensures that Within two weeks of planting, beetroot seeds will germinate, and the young plants can be thinned to ensure adequate root space.  

        Benefits of buying Packed seeds –

        1. Pre packaged and ready to plant
        2. Germination Guarantee
        3. Availability of Wide varieties
        4. High quality
        5. Easy to Store
        • Read the seed packaging thoroughly -

        Packed seeds offer a variety of information and detailed instructions on how to seed and grow vegetables, allowing for better planting and results. Even if you are a beginner, these instructions will guide you through the process of planting these seeds.

        • Start with small amount of seeds –

        Before planting the entire seeds, it is vital to conduct a trial planting to determine the required time, growth rate, and other characteristics of the vegetable.It is best to begin with an adequate amount of seeds and then expand as you succeed in growing the small amount.

        It is important to store the residual seed in a cool and dry location to keep them away from moisture, heat, humidity, light, and other factors that can shorten the life of your beetroot seeds.

        Growing your own veggies has a certain sense of love and joy, whether you do it for yourself or for farmland. It has advantages like freshness, health, cost savings, satisfaction, etc. It is better to go for packed seeds packaged seeds from companies like superbkishan, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality seeds that will germinate properly and produce healthy plants.   

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